Operational Law

Operational Law

Because operational law, including both international humanitarian law (otherwise known as the law of armed conflict or the law of war) and intelligence law, impacts military justice and affects its administration, NIMJ has included key materials in these areas.

The current military commission system is based on our history of law of war military commissions, and as such, international humanitarian law directly impacts the appropriate jurisdiction of, and offenses punishable by these commissions.  Future materials on martial law or other bases of military jurisdiction will be added as NIMJ continues to develop this website.

The International Committee of the Red Cross maintains an excellent database at its website that includes IHL treaties, commentaries, prepatory documents and over 140,000 other documents.

Help us build our library by sending us suggestions on other documents to include in these areas, or if your law school, law student, or law firm wants to assist in the development of our foreign military justice materials as an individual project, please contact us.