Military Justice/Law

Military Justice/Law

Capt. Christian Reismeier, chief judge of the Navy, hosted an investiture ceremony for three new United States Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals judges at the Washington Navy Yard. Pictured: Marine Corps Col. Mark K. Jamison, Capt. Jeffrey A. Fischer, and Marine Corps Col. Katherine M. McDonald.

The National Institute of Military Justice is dedicated to advancing the fair administration of military justice and fostering improved public understanding of our military justice system.

As part of this mission, NIMJ has assembled documents and other materials that pertain to US military justice, to include NIMJ’s two Cox Commission Reports (2001 & 2009), and is currently working on a repository of foreign military justice materials.  These materials include both current and historical material, so please ensure that you check their current status.

The Library of Congress, in conjunction with the US Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School Library, maintains an invaluable site with materials on military legal resources, to include the legislative history of the UCMJ.

Help us build our library by sending us suggestions on other documents or links to other helpful websites to include in these areas, or if your law school, law student, or law firm wants to assist in the development of additional military justice materials as an individual project, please contact us.