Iguana Crossing sign at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station
Since 2008, NIMJ has been accredited by the Department of Defense to send observers to military commission proceedings at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay. NIMJ has been a constant presence at those hearings, including hearings in the case of alleged September 11 conspirators Khaled Shaikh Mohammad and others.

Every observer has filed a field report describing the sessions, and placing them in historical, legal and military context. Among NIMJ’s observers have been many of its officers and directors, individuals from international law organizations, private practitioners, and law faculty members and students. While other NGOs have also sent observers, the reports and analysis of NIMJ’s representatives have been unique because of their military justice knowledge and background.

NIMJ’s observers’ reports in the early years were collected and published in three volumes of NIMJ Reports from Guantanamo and are available in Guantanamo Observer Documents.  More recently, the reports have been posted contemporaneously on CAAFlog. We are in the process of compiling reports from the last five years in an additional volume of NIMJ Reports from Guantanamo.  As reports are provided, they will be posted on our blog, in Guantanamo Observer Documents, and ultimately assembled into a Report.

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