The Rear Admiral John S. Jenkins Writing Award for Law Students

The Rear Admiral John S. Jenkins Writing Award for Law Students

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2020WinnerMatthew M. Fitzgerald Thank Me for My Service: An Ethics Oversight in DoD Social Media Policy
2020Honorable MentionMark M. Rothrock All's Fair in Love and Wars of Self-Defense: in Support of the ‘Conservative Approach’ to Jus Ad Bellum
2019WinnerJames D. CromleyIn the Field or in the Courtroom: Redefining the APA’s Military Authority Exception in the Age of Modern Warfare51 Ariz. St. L J. 1163 (2019)
2017 WinnerAndrea BasarabaSpace War: The Legality of Targeting Satellites
2016WinnerBrendan Delany"Just Wars With Unjust Allies: Use of Force and Human Rights Considerations on the Russian Intervention in Syria26 MINN. J. INT’L LAW 561 (2017)
2015Honorable MentionLeslie EsbrookThe State of Military Justice Reform in Turkey: 201453 MIL L. & L. WAR REV. 17 (2014)
2015Honorable MentionFrank SullivanAdrift at Sea: How the United States Government is Forgoing the Fourth Amendment in the Prosecution of Captured Terrorists5 Penn. St. J.L. & Int'l Aff. 237 (2015)
2015Honorable MentionAaron GeversIs Johnny Five Alive or Did It Short Circuit? Can and Should an Artificially Intelligent Machine Be Held Accountable in War or Is It Merely a Weapon?12 RUTGERS J. L. & PUB. POL'Y 384 (2015)
2015WinnerSuzanne Simms"Revision of Article 60 and the Military Convening Authority’s Clemency Power: An Alternative to the Enacted Legislation2 NAT'L SECURITY L. J. 301 (2014)
2010Winner Second Lieutenant Brendan GrovesCivil-Military Cooperation in Civilian Casualty Investigations: Lessons Learned from the Azizabad Attack65 A.F. L. REV. 1 (2010)
2010 Honorable MentionBrock DahlPlanning the Peace: Legal Aspects of the Military's Role in Fighting Corruption and Organized Criminality in Post-Conflict States
2008-2009WinnerLaura Beth LeRoux"A Jus Post Bellum for the U.S. Military: Facilitating the International Legal Debate on Post Conflict Reconstruction William & Mary Student International Papers
2008-2009Honorable MentionCaptain Robert E. Murdough"I Won't Participate in an Illegal War": Military Objectors, the Nuremberg Defense and the Obligation to Refuse Illegal OrdersARMY LAW., Jul. 2010, at 4