The Kevin J. Barry Writing Award for Excellence for Practitioner/Scholars

The Kevin J. Barry Writing Award for Excellence for Practitioner/Scholars

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2019WinnerJacob E. MeuschA "Judicial" System in the Executive Branch: Ortiz v. United States and the Due-Process Implications for Congress and Convening Authorities 35 J. L. & Politics 19 (2019)
2017WinnerNot Awarded
2016WinnerNot Awarded
2015WinnerLieutenant Colonel Matthew BurrisThinking Slow About Sexual Assault in the Military23 BUFF. J. GENDER L. & SOC. POL'Y 21 (2014-2015)
2015 Honorable MentionProfessor Robert J. DelahuntyThe Returning Warrior and the Limits of Just War Theory15 RUTGERS J. OF L. & RELIGION 219 (2014)
2015Honorable MentionProfessor Jonathan HafetzPolicing the Line: International Law, Article III, and the Constitutional Limits of Military Jurisdiction2014 Wisc. L. Rev. 689 (2014)
2010WinnerProfessor Steven I. VladeckThe Laws of War as a Constitutional Limit on Military Jurisdiction4 J. NAT'L SECURITY L. & POL'Y 295 (2010)
2010Honorable MentionLieutenant Commander Stephen C. ReyesLeft Out in the Cold:The Case for a Learned Counsel Requirement in the Military ARMY LAW., Oct. 2010, at 5.
2010Honorable MentionMajor Franklin D. Rosenblatt"Non-Deployable: The Court-Martial System in Combat from 2001 to 2009 44 CREIGHTON L. REV. 1045 (2011)
2009WinnerProfessor Maeve HerbertExplaining the Sioux Military Commission of 186240 COLUM. HUM. RTS. L. REV. (2009)
2009 Honorable MentionAmbassador David SchefferClosing the Impunity Gap in U.S. Law8 NW. U.J. INT'L HUM. RTS. 30 (2009)
2008WinnerProfessor Monica HakimiInternational Standards for Detaining Terrorism Suspects: Moving Beyond the Armed Conflict-Criminal Divide33 YALE J. INT'L L. 369 (2008)
2008 Honorable MentionProfessor Geoffrey S.Bringing Discipline to the Civilization of the Battlefield: A Proposal for a More Legitimate Approach to Resurrecting Military-Criminal Jurisdiction over Civilian Augmentees62 U. MIAMI L. REV. 491 (2008)
2007 WinnerProfessor Victor M. HansenWhat's Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander Lessons from Abu Ghraib: Time for the United States to Adopt a Standard of Command Responsibility Towards Its Own42 GONZ. L. REV. 335 (2007)
2007 Honorable MentionMajor John C. JohnsonUnder New Management: The Obligation to Protect Cultural Property during Military Occupation190 MIL. L. REV. 111 (2007)
2007 Honorable MentionMajor Deirdre BrouAlternatives to the Judicially-Created Feres Doctrine192 MIL. L. REV. 1 (2007)
2006 WinnerMajor Mynda OhmanIntegrating Title 18 War Crimes into Title 10: A Proposal to Amend the Uniform Code of Military Justice57 A.F. L. REV. 1 (2005)
2006 Honorable MentionMajor Brian C. BaldrateThe Supreme Court’s Role in Defining the Jurisdiction of Military Tribunals: A Study, Critique, & Proposal for Hamdan v. Rumsfeld186 MIL. L. REV. 1 (Winter 2005)
2006 Honorable MentionMajor Julie LongWhat Remedy for Abused Iraqi Detainees?187 MIL. L. REV. 43 (2006)
2006 Honorable MentionProfessor Earl F. MartinAmerica’s Anti-Standing Army Tradition and the Separate Community Doctrine76 MISS. L.J. 135 (2006)
2005 WinnerLieutenant Colonel Paul E. Kantwill & Major Sean WattsHostile Protected Persons or "Extra-Conventional Persons:" How Unlawful Combatants in the War on Terrorism Posed Extraordinary Challenges for Military Attorneys and Commanders28 FORDHAM INT’L L.J. 681 (2005)
2005 Honorable MentionLieutenant Colonel David M. Jones Making the Accused Pay For His Crime: A Proposal to Add Restitution as an Authorized Punishment Under Rule for Courts-Martial 1003(B)52 NAVAL L. REV. 1 (2005)
2005 Honorable MentionMajor Paul M. SchimpfTalk the Talk; Now Walk the Walk: Giving an Absolute Privilege to Communications between a Victim and Victim-Advocate in the Military185 Mil. L. Rev. 149 (2005)